Julie Peasgood acted in horror video game

Still 'categorically against violence for entertainment', Julie?

Hordes have you have been left fuming by the claims of actress-cum-'sexpert' Julie Peasgood on the Alan Titchmarsh Show last week - on which CVG editor Tim defended the games industry.

She's the one who said video games were "addictive" and "promote racism", remember? Oh - and we quote - was "categorically against violence for entertainment".

And yet a bit of digging... and hey presto. There's the credit for Julie's appearance in survival horror video game Martian Gothic: Unification.


Julie voiced Harroway in the Take Two title, which was released on PC and PlayStation back in 2000.

According to Wikipedia: 'In Martian Gothic, the player is able to assume the roles of three characters sent from Earth to a Martian base called Vita 1 to examine why it has been silent for 10 months, after a base member broadcasts a final message of "Stay alone, stay alive."

'Upon arrival the player finds that all the residents are apparently dead and must gradually uncover the secrets and nature the last undertaking by Vita 1's crew; the discovery of ancient Martian "Pandora's Box" which, when opened, started a chain of chaotic events that led to the base's downfall, and death of all almost its inhabitants.

'However, during the player's progress of uncovering the truth, searching for any possible survivors, and solving Vita 1's many mounting problems, the player finds that the dead crew have become re-animated like zombies who wish to feast upon the team of three's flesh.'

'Feast upon flesh'? Julie? Julie?

Gobsmacked, people.

Cheers to the Twitterati.

And just for fun... 6.16 exactly.