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Counter-Strike 'cheat' gets knife in head

Brutal attack leaves youth with blade through head - but he survived

A Chinese Counter-Strike player accused of cheating in a net café narrowly escaped death after being stabbed through the skull with a kitchen knife.


The cringe-worthy incident occurred in a net café in Jilin, China when a group of youths apparently noticed the 17-year-old boy had been using a "wallhack" during a game of Counter-Strike.

A fight broke out and the accused boy ended up with a 30cm blade shoved into his temple, as you can see on the left. Ouch.

Astonishingly, after being rushed to hospital and straight into surgery, the 17-year-old victim survived the ordeal. Doctors explained that the knife managed to avoid all major arteries and amazingly, failed to impair his motor control.

The boy is currently being monitored in hospital. Remind us to never take our Action Replays to China.