Muzyka: Mass Effect 3 to 'exceed' quality bar of ME2

Closing part of sci-fi trilogy could be greater jump forward than the sequel.

BioWare's Ray Muzyka has said that Mass Effect 3 may exceed the "quality bar" that Mass Effect 2 set.

"It's all about the quality, and we are going to innovate in all of our products," Muzyka told Joystiq. "Each one we're striving to make better than the last and the way we do that is to listen to fan feedback and, yeah, we're going do some innovative things in future instalments of Mass Effect."

"But it's all going to be about quality, you know, so that's the governor on everything we do. It's striving for quality. Mass Effect 2 set a really high quality bar for us as a studio group, and, hey, we want Mass Effect 3 to exceed that."

Greg Zeschuk, the other half of BioWare's founding duo, added: "There's quite an evolution from Mass 1 to Mass 2 ... I don't imagine [Mass Effect 3] will be quite as dramatic as Mass 1 to Mass 2... There's an incredibly opportunity for refinement and I think one thing we talked about is, if you look at the evolution of the shooter experience from 1 to 2, that's a huge step. I think, realistically, we can have yet another step, maybe refine it another level."

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]