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Just Cause 2

Trouble in paradise... that's twice as nice

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You'll forgive it, though. That much is certain. Because Just Cause 2 always gives you something else to do - presenting ample opportunity to mess around, vent your frustration or simply calm down in between missions. Take part in some races, cruise the roads of Panau looking for settlements to take over, follow the tantalising white markers that hint at nearby items to collect, or how about our personal favourite: highjacking a military jet and simply soaring through the skies, your infinite rocket salvos obliterating anything that looks vaguely like an industrial or military target.


This is Just Cause 2's biggest strength - in stark contrast to the first game, you'll never be at a loss for something to be getting on with. You never feel compelled to do anything by the book and every session you play, you'll find yourself concentrating on a new part of the game, continually getting distracted by something else along the way. Save for the combat, Just Cause 2 is everything we hoped the original was going to be - which is surely reason enough for you and Rico to get reacquainted.

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The verdict

It's still not perfect, but it takes the original template and improves it in (almost) every way.

  • Incredible gameworld
  • Brilliant grapple hook
  • Mediocre combat
Xbox 360
Avalanche Studios
Eidos Interactive