Blacklight: Tango Down

Ignition Entertainment talks about 'the first AAA FPS exclusively on download'

Early this month, Ignition Entertainment released a trailer for its new FPS, Blacklight: Tango Down, which it said would be able to compete with the likes of Modern Warfare and Bad Company as a AAA title. Big claim.

Billed as "a fast-paced first person shooter utilizing the cutting-edge graphical power of Unreal Engine 3" with fully customisable weapons and characters everything seems to be in place to follow up on that claim. The fact that Tango Down will only be released as a digital download on PC, PSN and XBL, however, means that Ignition have it all to do.


CVG talked to Project Leader and Lead Game Designer, Jared Gerritzen, to find out a bit more about Blacklight Tango Down. Can it really take on the FPS giants, can it even stand out in such a packed market and why is it only coming through digital download?

So, Blacklight: Tango Down. What's the premise?
Blacklight is a Special Forces team sent to find a missing high level military group and instead they find themselves in the middle of a warzone. A virus has been released on the population, turning them violent while, a shadow group has assassinated the country's president and vying to take over. It's a pretty bad time to enter the country.< /i>

What's the driving force behind Tango Down?
The driving force behind Blacklight: Tango Down, the Special Forces team, or the production of the game? The Blacklight Special Forces Team is driven because they are the best in the world and they get the job done. The driving force behind the game is: this is the game we've wanted to make for years.

What allows it to compete with, or set itself apart from, the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield? What makes it original, what do you think will give it AAA status?
Blacklight: Tango Down is setting itself apart in many ways. Our price point of $15.00 is the most obvious. But it's by no means the only USP we're bringing to the FPS space. Blacklight: Tango Down is offering a fully customizable weapons system that will have thousands of combinations for the player to tweak to create their perfect set-up. The HRV (Hyper Reality Visor) allows all players to jump into realtime battlefield intelligence view that enables the player to visualize his enemies' locations and help him to hunt them down. It gives Blacklight a faster pace and really keeps the action moving. And those are just some of the components of the game that help to set it apart. Additionally, the world itself is really a huge part of the experiences of Blacklight: Tango Down as well. We put a lot of creative effort into the physical world to make it feel new and fresh.

With so many other AAA FPS games out there, what is it that's going to get Tango Down noticed?
The fact is, selling a quality game for the price of a cheap dinner, or three after work beers, is huge. Yes, there are some really great games out in the market. However, do you watch, listen, or read the same thing over and over again? If something comes out that is the quality that you expect at a cost that really won't hurt your wallet, who wouldn't get it to check it out? And if it can improve on other previous experiences in the FPS market and also introduce a fresh new world and new gameplay experiences, then it is hard to argue to not pick it up.

What's been your biggest achievement during the making of Tango Down, what are you most proud of?
The biggest achievement and what I am most proud of is making Blacklight: Tango Down with a group of real professionals - and keeping the standards as high as they are. Most current big name titles have hundreds of people working on them. The Blacklight: Tango Down team is a small scrappy group of really driven and talented people. If you ever want to know how we did it, it's the team. I'm so proud of what we've done together.

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