Medal Of Honor 'maximises PS3's power'

Developer led on Sony's system, EA reveals

Electronic Arts has claimed that it upcoming FPS Medal Of Honor "maximises what PS3 can do" - and revealed that it led development of the game on Sony's platform.

The news comes after Shinji Mikami said that Platinum Games led the development of Sega title Vanquish on PS3 to get the game "to a certain standard".

In an interview due to be published on CVG later today, EALA creative director Richard Farrelly told us: "We're leading on PS3, we've developed the game on PS3."

When we asked if this would bring any benefits to PS3 owners, he replied:

"We're working hard to deliver the exact same experience across all platforms. I think for me the most important thing is for everyone that plays Medal Of Honor is satisfied... I guess the benefit to the PS3 owner is that we're leading on it, so we'll maximise what that platform can do for our game."

Farrelly has already revealed that the game will not work with the recently announced PS3 Move.

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