'Nintendo 3DS is the best handheld ever'

Dementium developer on Nintendo's new handheld

The developer of DS horror series Dementium 2 believes the new Nintendo 3DS will be the best handheld games console ever.

"Based on what I've heard about the 3DS specs, I think it will be the best handheld system to date," said Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham. "To be honest, I think the 3D aspect of the console is just the icing on what is already an extremely powerful system.

"I expect the 3DS to have the graphical power of a GameCube, plus all of the other delights such as two screens, rumble, motion control, Wi-Fi, and an analogue stick. The 3D feature is wonderful, for sure, but it will only be appropriate for certain things. [Nintendo] produces the best handheld systems, [the system will] deliver a platform worthy of a successor to the Nintendo DSi. [I am] very interested in developing for the 3DS."

Nintendo announced the 3DS earlier this week. You can find out how it will work in our special 3DS report.

[ SOURCE: Pocket Gamer ]