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Miyamoto: Natal & Move a 'great honour'

Nintendo legend says competing with motion controllers "not a top priority"

Shigeru Miyamoto has told CVG that he sees the invention of Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's PS3 Move as a "great honour" - because they offer user experiences that Nintendo "originated".

Speaking in a huge interview set to be published on CVG soon, Miyamoto revealed that Nintendo is not focused on competing with its rivals' motion devices.

The design of Sony's PS3 wand Move appears to have been influenced by Nintendo's own Wii Remote - an idea Sony has already made efforts to refute.

When asked what his thoughts were on Natal and Move, Miyamoto told CVG: "Nintendo should welcome the opportunity when or where something we have originally tried is intensified by somebody else, because that means that other people are trying to starting to show their appreciation for whatever endeavour we have made in the beginning.

"The user experience we have created is going to be intensified by the advent of new machines from other companies. It's a new experience that we originated. So we really see it as a great honour."

Miyamoto referenced Wii MotionPlus, saying that Nintendo had improved on its own existing technology in the past - but that its focus is coming up with brand new concepts.

He commented: "What is very important for Nintendo is always thinking in terms of the appropriate types technology for us - unique and unprecedented entertainment to come up with technology that's something new. That's our mission.

"It needs to be something very different, something unique. That's something we always look for. Of course, sometimes we need to intensify the forms we have already come up with, but that's not the first priority for us. Competing with other companies in that category is never our top priority."