Modern Warfare 2 gets more fixes

Matchmaking patch out same day as Stimulus Pack

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has confirmed via Twitter that the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus level pack releasing on Xbox 360 on March 30 will be joined by a Matchmaking patch.

Bowling had said previously: "We'll be patching [MW2] prior to DLC that will include the same matchmaking update for 360 that PS3 got, along with other updates."

Bowling today said the patch "should" arrive March 30 - the same day as the Stimulus map pack. But, he adds: "The patch is completely separate from any DLC; something everyone will get regardless if they buy DLC or not."

The Stimulus pack will include five maps; Mp_Crash, MP_Overgrown, MP_Complex, MP_Compact and MP_Storm, the first pair of which are from the original Modern Warfare.

It certainly looks nice in the first screens. Gamers have, however, have gone irate over the 1200 Microsoft Point (£10.20) price point for it.

Is it worth more than a tenner of your hard earned?

[ SOURCE: Fourzerotwo ]