Visceral: Dante DLC to "foster sense of community"

Level editor and community support out on April 29th on PS3 and Xbox 360

Dante's Inferno lead designer Greg Rizzer has said the upcoming Trials of St. Lucia DLC will use its built-in level editor to prop up the community around the game.

"When this comes out, we hope it does well. We know it's different, I mean, Trials HD's level editor was a bit hard to use, and other games have had user created levels too, but what we are trying to do with Lucia is foster a sense of community," Rizzer told VG247.

"When you create the trials, people can rate it and there will be leaderboards where the community can get involved and earn points and medals for trying other user's stuff. There is also a milestone system, where you play a level 5-10 times you get a milestone."

Trials of St. Lucia will cost $9.99, or 800 MS Points, on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and comes out April 29th.

Rizzer also assured gamers that the DLC was entirely new content and not already on the disc, unlike the recent controvery with BioShock 2.

"It is a different product, as most DLC is just a new level or a new Map Pack. It also has co-op, and while not split screen, the co-op is fun and I cant wait for you guys to play because it brings a new component to the content."

[ SOURCE: VG247 ]