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Crysis 2 release date - September 24th, says GAME

Leaked retail release schedule throws up info

A leaked internal release schedule from retailer GAME suggests EA's Crysis 2 has a set release date already: September 24th.

The document, which has been uncovered by VG247, offers a number of rough dates for major titles.

Other notables include DJ Hero 2, 'James Bond Racing' and Fallout: New Vegas all in October. The listing also pins the release date of Activision's Call OF Duty 7 in the same month - but we've heard it's arriving in November.

Elsewhere, Singularity is down for June 28, whilst Bethesda's Brink is 'September'.

All to be taken lightly, obviously - we all know about the industry's famous slippages... But perhaps a good way to plan your expenditure for the year..?

[ SOURCE: VG247 ]