New Lost Planet 2 demo screens

A couple of new shots ahead of this week's demo

Lost Planet 2 is set to get a new demo this week but don't get too excited as it's only available right away for Capcom Unity members who've been lucky enough to score voucher codes.

Still, it seems Capcom are in a celebratory mood, unleashing a whole two brand new screens by way of celebration.

Okay we jest a little, as LP 2 is shaping up to be a pretty damn decent offering but just the two screens? Come on, share the wealth.

Anyway, the demo is set to be a multiplayer only affair featuring up to 16 players in online versus mode on the Turbulent Jungle map which you can see pictured here.

For standard game playing plebs like us, the Lost Planet 2 demo will be publicly available on April 21 for Xbox 360 and April 22 for PlayStation 3 owners. We'll be counting the days until then..