Mass Effect sex scandal 'embarrassed' Fox News - Bioware

Ray Muzyka looks back and laughs at dodgy reporting

Bioware boss Ray Muzyka has observed that Fox News' reporting of the 'sex scandal' in the original Mass Effect "embarrassed" the station.

Back in January 2008, Fox ran a segment on sex in Mass Effect, which alleged there was "full digital nudity and sex" as a voiceover claimed that players could engage in "graphic sex".

More unsettlingly for Bioware and EA, a reporter then went on to inaccurately suggest that the game was being marketed to kids and teenagers.

In a giant interview in this month's edition of CVG sister mag PC Zone, Muzyka discussed the sex scenes from subsequent Bioware release Dragon Age.


"There wasn't as much of a reaction to the scenes in Dragon Age, certainly compared to Mass Effect, where Fox aired a scene on national TV," said Muzyka.

"In most of our games we've enabled choice, so however you want to play the game, if you're a male and want a female romance interest, or want a male romance interest, we've enabled that. We're not saying one choice is better than the other. It's a role-playing game and, as in real life, you can make choices.

"There is a little controversy when people say this is different, but we point out we've done this in every game since Baldur's Gate, and they realise the scenes aren't gratuitous. Other than that, there wasn't a controversy.

"Fox was embarrassed by their story coverage, how they ran a story about it with someone admitting they'd never played the game and was still critiquing it and... well, not good."

Fair play. It's part of life, yeah? Part of the narrative.Oh, of course it looks a bit daft out of context, but only pedlars of filth and lies would ever do such a thing.

(You can find a video of a sexy bit from Mass Effect 2 on CVG here).

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