Bad Company 2 no threat to Modern Warfare online - Infinity Ward

Studio predicts MW2 will see off Medal Of Honor, too

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has told CVG he is confident that no other war FPS can topple Modern Warfare 2's position as the most popular online console game in 2010.

There are some major contenders for MW2's crown on Xbox Live in particular - with EA's Battlefield Bad Company 2 already emerging as a strong rival.

However, Bowling dismissed the threat from EA's game - as well as Medal Of Honor and Activision's own COD7, which are both due later this year.

Modern Warfare 2's online presence will be boosted later today by the release of the Stimulus Map Pack DLC. It contains five maps: Crash, Overgrown, Complex, Compact and Storm, the first pair of which featured in the original Modern Warfare.

When asked if he thought any game could topple MW2's online dominance any time soon, Bowling told CVG: "No. I hope not. I certainly don't see any signs of it. We've been number one since launch and this map pack [Stimulus - released today] is going to bring even more people to playing MW2 and extend their play time. I don't see it slipping any time soon."

When we asked if BC2, MoH or COD7 offered a particular threat to MW2's crown, he said: "No. We'll just focus on providing for our audience who love our brand of game. Whatever comes out of that is just a bonus to that. But I think they'll always find what we have going on entertaining if they like it."

The Stimulus Map Pack hits Xbox Live today for 1200 Microsoft Points - a price that Infinity Ward says offers value for money.