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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 map pack arrives

It's already on PC, soon on consoles... and it's free

EA's new Battlefield: Bad Company 2 VIP map pack has hit PC this morning and will soon be on consoles - and gamers can download it for free.

The DLC arrives on the same day that Infinity Ward's Stimulus Map Pack for Modern Warfare 2 lands on Xbox Live - for 1200 Microsoft Points (£10.20).

According to the BC2 blog, todaty's BAttlefield VIP 2 Map Pack 2 includes:

* Arica Harbor Conquest Mode: Take to the streets and put your infantry skills to the test! Capture strategic town positions as Arica Harbor is enhanced with Conquest Mode.

* Laguna Presa Rush Mode: Capture and secure M-COM stations in Laguna Presa's Rush Mode and discover all-new areas of the maps to take on the enemy.

Here's a trailer:

According to EA, the pack 'is available with the VIP code which is included in every new copy of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Players that do not have a code can purchase one via the in-game store. PC players will get the content as a game update. VIP status is also available to those on consoles without a VIP code through Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network.'

According to the game's official Twitter, the map pack has already hit PC and will arrive on PS3 and Xbox 360 shortly.

To access the map pack content on console with VIP status, gamers must log into the in-game store of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and select the VIP Map Pack 2.

The maps will get added to your available map list so you can get straight into the servers and play.

PC players will automatically have these maps added to the map rotation by the server providers.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]