Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus DLC fix 'hours away'

Microsoft men give us a timeframe...

Microsoft's Major Nelson has Tweeted that a fix for the currently broken Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus DLC Map Pack will be with Xbox 360 owners "within hours".

The Stimulus DLC pack was released earlier today - but fans have found it does not work. Microsoft believes a new title update is required.

Nelson Tweeted: 'Right now the team... is getting things in order so this will be fixed VERY soon (within hours.)'

Xbox Live Editor Daniel Maher added that the fix "could take four hours" to deploy.

The Stimulus pack includes five maps - two of which first appeared in Call Of Duty 4.

The pack cost 1200 Microsoft Points (around £10.20).

We'll keep you updated. Any of you lot tried to download the maps?

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]