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Dante's Inferno: DLC screenshots

New Trials of St Lucia detailed

Dante's Inferno was a game which was big on gore, visceral action and just a downright dirty all around great gaming experience for gorehounds. Our own Mike J calling it "thrilling, brutal and frankly awesome", awarding it a well deserved 9/10 in his CVG review.

But fortunately Dante's story didn't end at the close of the game and with promised DLC expansion Trials of St. Lucia heaving onto the horizon, we've managed to score a raft of brand new screens from the game.

But Trials promises a little more than by-the-numbers DLC and in it, you'll also be able to take on the role of the beautiful and deadly St. Lucia of Syracuse; a battle-ready angel who can fly and who boasts a full array of vicious new moves and cruel combos.


Online co-operative gameplay for two players is also on the cards, as well as intriguing sounding combat editor which you can use to create, upload, and share your custom made Trials with fellow Inferno addicts.

Trials of St. Lucia will break forth from the bowels of hell on April 29 via Xbox Live and the PSN Store. In the meantime enjoy the latest batch of screens...