Remedy 'too small' to make Alan Wake PC

Studio says it couldn't handle creating two projects at once

Microsoft announced that the PC version of Alan Wake had been ditched back in February - and would-be customers were left more than a little upset.

Microsoft said the decision was made because 'the most compelling way to experience Alan Wake was on the Xbox 360'.

However, Alan Wake developer Remedy has revealed another factor - the fact it is too small to work on two major projects at once.

If that sounds promising to PC owners, apologies for dashing your hopes: The developer adds that it has "no plans" to create a PC version.

"We're a small studio, about 50 people," Remedy development head Oskari Häkkinen told Digital Spy. "Concentrating on one platform is just a lot easier for us where we're smaller than other studios, and its just been focused, focusing on one platform and getting that done. We have no plans for PC right now."

[ SOURCE: Digital Spy ]