Take-Two pays out 'Hot Coffee' compensation

$5 to $35 per person mailed five years after GTA sex scandal

Take Two is mailing out settlement payments to US gamers who took action over the GTA: San Andreas 'Hot Coffe' sex scandal five long years ago.

Back in 2005 the world went mental when an undisclosed (hence unrated) sex minigame called 'Hot Coffee' was discovered hidden on retail copies of GTA: San Andreas. Five years later, complaints are being settled with cheques through the post of between the life-changing sums of $5 and $35.

The Hot Coffee mini game, which saw players have sex (fully clothed) with a female in the game, was first discovered in the PC version, which Rockstar swiftly claimed was the work of the modding community. Shortly after, however, the same mini game was discovered tucked away on the discs of the PS2 version, which obviously cannot be modded. Rumbled.

The ESRB re-reviewed the title, giving it an AO (adults only) rating, which is deemed unfit for sale in much of the US' retail stores. The content was later removed and the game re-released for general sale.

Following waves of complaints, a settlement plan was confirmed late last year.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]