Saints Row 3 is 'mind-blowing' - THQ

PR and marketing to start rolling out this year, core boss tells CVG

Saints Row 3 is "mind-blowing", THQ's core games VP, Danny Bilson has told CVG.

Speaking to us in New York City last weekend, the hardcore games man revealed that "PR and the marketing for that is going to start rolling out this year."

He said: "The next Saints Row is mind-blowing. New tech; mind-blowing. I can't talk about that too much but it's mind-blowing." The key phrase there, if you missed it, is mind-blowing.

Bilson is clearly excited about developer Volition's upcoming line-up, because in the same chat he claimed that the next Red Faction game includes "insane upgrades".

When asked if the studio was concentrating on open-world games, he said no - though the genre is "a big, big part of their design aesthetic".

Saint's Row 3's release date is expected to arrive in 2011.

Look for the full Bilson interview on CVG soon.