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Gabe Newell: Next Half-Life won't change Gordon Freeman

Protagonist to remain an arm and a crowbar

Valve boss Gabe Newell has baulked at the idea of changing Half-Life's Gordon Freeman to bring him in line with the protagonists of more modern FPS titles.

With Half-Life: Episode 3 - or even Half-Life 3 - potentially on the horizon, fans are keen to know how Valve will evolve the series.

However, Newell has gone on record to say he wants Freeman to largely remain an arm and a crowbar - and he's not in any rush to get him talking, either.

When Edge asked Newell if he wanted to give Freeman a greater sense of 'embodiment', he said:

"We haven't had a reason to change that. Most of what I've seen to date has been gimmicky and is entertaining for just a minute or so."

When asked if he'd consider giving Freeman a voice (he's been mute in every Half-Life so far) - he added:

"We're not philosophically opposed to this, but we don't have any good reasons to do it. Right now making your companions more interesting and compelling seems a more fruitful avenue to explore."

Would any of you lot change Gordon Freeman? Has he become outdated?

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