CVG: The week's best comments

Rated T for 'Teen'

Any week in which we have to look for funny comments for more than 10 minutes is massive failure on your part. And it's Easter holiday weekend and we want to go and drink our weight in beer.

Still, a couple of porn-related stories gave you some inspiration...

Horny gamers crash 'console prostitutes' site

"So the site has gone down on its users? It was likely to be the only thing that would."
ffcoppolla secretly has it bookmarked.

"You can get a two dollar hooker called Talula for that money."
bazzatuk and Talula go way back.

Porn star wants to make Warcraft movie

"World Of Whorecraft??"
Focker420: Ba dum cha...

"I bet I could find dirtier..."
SAeN has Google Safe Search switched firmly off

"I've got 20 quid that says Belladonna has two "W"'s tatooed on either bumcheek."
GlobalNightmare should design the next WoW logo.

PS3 firmware 3.21 released

"hackers are dickheads"
subbass says it like it is.

Remedy 'too small' to make Alan Wake PC

"Just Microsoft sucking up everything in its attempt to monopolise the gaming market like everything else. The xbox needs to die."
LkS has anger management issues.

Greenberg: 360 won't get web browser

"You're a poor experience."
jamie1 is Greenberg's biggest fan

"Retarded anal arguements. How can anyone defend less choice?!"
svd_grasshopper struggles to grasp the forum mentality. You're doing it wrong.

Darksiders PC screenshots

"Completely unrelated to the article, but I was wondering when the game 'The Ultra Fernandez Cousins' is coming out? I believe you had a preview of this game about 10 years ago in your magazine (I believe it was in the April edition). Looked really good (and a bit like Mario 64, odly) and was wondering if you had an update on this game? I never saw it in any other magazine, and no subsequent issues of CVG had any info on it."
monty_79 has an amazing memory

Jonathan Ross records Fable 3 voiceover

"hang on why is there a 900 quid fable 3 on CVG's shopping comparison"
quintus fails to recognise a bargain when he sees one.

New Xbox 360 exclusive announced: Naval Assault

"Cvg tells stories like my girlfriend gives b*** j**s.... Blowing hot air on your little head is not very fulfilling.... ha ha. only joking,,,,,,Cvg"
User '360365' - Hilarious! Even though we have no idea what you mean.

"Only kidding about CVG or kidding that you have a little 'head'?"
We thought it, metallicorphan said it