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Rockstar: Red Dead Redemption 'more ambitious' than GTA IV

Firm predicts Wild West action title will be "massive"

Rockstar has claimed that upcoming Western action shooter Red Dead Redemption is its "most ambitious game ever" - even more so than the massive GTA IV.

The title is due for release in May, after Rockstar delayed its arrival for some 'fine-tuning'.

Now the firm has revealed that Red Dead will get an even bigger pre-release TV marketing spend in the UK than the colossal GTA IV - and has predicted it will be "massive".

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"This is our most ambitious game to date and our biggest UK release this year," Rockstar UK general manager Neil Stephen told this week's edition of industry magazine MCV. "We are spending a larger proportion of our TV budget pre-launch than we ever have before to ensure Red Dead Redemption is established as a massive triple-A title.

"For the first time as a company, we will be running an on-screen cinema advertising campaign."

Stephen added: "The game has garnered an incredibly positive reception from the gaming and lifestyle press with many outlets placing Red Dead Redemption as a possible game of the year contender.

He predicted that the title would enjoy "excellent sales", calling it Rockstar's "next blockbuster gaming franchise".

The game hits Xbox 360 and PS3 in Europe on May 21. The US version is released on May 18.