It's Winsday! Avatar on Wii could be yours!

Fancy some alien gaming this weekend?

Got much planned for Saturday? Not really? Let us sort you out with a copy of Avatar: The Game, then. Patented Winsday technology means a competition entry today (or tomorrow) could bag you a prize in time for the weekend.

In the spirit of the 3D-o-vision of the film, Avatar: The Game embraces all sorts of modern gadgetry, namely MotionPlus and the Balance Board. Okay, so we're just giving away the game rather than the add-on tech, but if you've got either/both of those bits of kit then you can enjoy some full-on flying, stealthing, fighting and other alien activities.

That said, even if you haven't got MotionPlus or a Balance Board you can still do all that flying and what-have-you, just without having to stand up for any of it. Which you may think of as a bonus. Each to their own, eh?

Anyway, we shan't distract you with aimless waffling (you get enough of that in the magazine). Let's keep this brisk and business-like, shall we? So, there's an Avatar-related question just down there - you need to answer it, and we'll pick one of the correct entries out of James Cameron's hat and send the winner the game. Marvellous! Here's that question, then:

What's the name of the blue-skinned alien race in the film (and game, natch)?

A) Mi'vi
B) Hum'vi
C) Na'vi

Think you know the answer? Just text NGAVATAR followed by a space then your answer (A, B or C), then another space and your full name and address to 87474. Texts cost a paltry 25p plus your standard network rate. The closing date is midnight on Thursday 8 April 2010. Alternatively, you can enter by going to

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Don't feel blue (arf!) if you don't win - there'll be another giveaway next week.