City Of Heroes sequel rubber stamped?

NCsoft trademark filing hints at new iteration of MMO

NCsoft appears to have filed a trademark for a sequel to popular PC MMO City OF Heroes.

The original game was released back in 2004 to wide acclaim - and has remained popular in a difficult MMO market.

Now it appears NCsoft is readying a follow-up. SuperAnnuation reports that the firm last week filed two registrations for City Of Heroes 2.

A spokesperson for the firm later told GameInformer:

"City of Heroes is a flourishing franchise and continues to be the world's most popular super-powered hero MMO.

"While we cannot comment on City of Heroes 2 at this time, NCsoft is proud of City of Heroes' success and is looking forward to future product launches associated with the franchise, including the City of Heroes: Going Rogue expansion scheduled for release this July."

We didn't expect to see this one at E3 in June. But... E3 in June?

[ SOURCE: SuperAnnuation ]