World exclusive F.3.A.R. reveal - only in PSM3

The new issue of PSM3 goes on-sale today, with a world exclusive F.3.A.R. reveal, an exclusive Q&A with GT5's Kazunori Yamauchi, plus more

The sun is shining, it's almost the weekend, and PSM3 issue 126 is on-sale today. It's a GLORIOUS day to be alive. So there's every reason for you to roll out of the house/office/dungeon today and pick up a copy of the new mag - it's rammed full of PS3 and PSP news, reviews, insight and industry gossip (just wait until E3, then remember where you read it first), the highlight of which is the world-exclusive reveal of horror shooter F.3.A.R. (or FEAR 3, if you prefer).

Want to know how a pregnant woman - yes, Alma, the misunderstood psychic nightmare/girl/woman from the previous games - is going to destroy the world? Or how you're forced to join forces with a man you've already killed - who, er, also happens to be your brother to stop her? Except, of course, you might not be stopping her, but helping her, since she's your mother? It'll all make slightly more sense when you read it, but above all, it's a bold attempt to re-define co-op shooters, with genuine scares, and a secretive defect/co-operate central mechanic, where... well, we're not allowed to spill any more here, but it's an approach that'll raise some eyebrows.

Oh, and if it needed any more billing, the cut-scenes are being directed by John Carpenter, the influential thriller/horror director behind seminal 80s movies like The Thing, The Fog and Escape from New York. We'll omit Ghosts of Mars, 'starring' Ice Cube and Jason Statham, for obvious reasons.

What's in the new issue?
We've also got an in-depth report from the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco, where PSM3's roving reporter and Dark Knight impersonator (one for podcast regulars, there), Owen Hill, plays every PS Move game, hugs the King of Kong and gets told off for abusing Sony hardware...

Then there's the huge PS3 racing game special, during which Gran Turismo 5 creator Kazunori Yamauchi speaks exclusively to PSM3 about why he'll be angry when GT5 finally releases. There are UK first reviews of GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City and Super Street Fighter IV on PS3, and an in-depth look at Bodycount - the new shooter from the creator of PS2 action-classic Black.

The regulars
Plus loads more. Our new Upgrade section, which shows you how to maximise the power of your PS3, our new Archive section, with reviews of every PS3 game ever, and all the usual secrets, insight and easter eggs - plus pictures of Bayonetta in a cheerleader outfit - in Extended Play.

So get out there, soak up some Vitamin D, and get stuck into 132 pages of the best PS3 magazine that money can buy. That's PSM3. For the, er, record.

Have a great day,