Rockstar: Red Dead Redemption 'incredibly beautiful'

Publisher has "very high expectations" for Wild West title

Rockstar has branded upcoming Wild West shooter Red Dead Redemption "incredibly beautiful on an unprecedented scale".

It's praise indeed, and an indication of just how much faith the firm is putting in the 360 and PS3 game's release on May 21 in the UK.

"This title is incredibly beautiful and on an unprecedented scale," Rockstar UK boss Neil Stephen told MCV. "It is populated with a staggering number of dynamic, contextual activities that you can take part in any time you wish along with a complex ecological system of animal life.

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"This, combined with our most ambitious multiplayer offering to date, leaves us with very high expectations for what we think is our next blockbuster gaming franchise."

The title hasn't been without its problems - not least employees moaning about working conditions - but it's starting to look pretty sweet.

"As game makers, our goal is to fulfil the players' fantasies as much as possible and fortunately the concept of the old West comes loaded with so many images, moments, characters and a strong sense of legend attached to it," Stephen added.

"This has been incredible source material to work with and has led to us creating an incredibly unique and exciting gaming experience filled with classic Western moments including stand offs, duels, stagecoach fights, gunfights on trains, hold-ups, bounty hunting and so on."

Stephen commented that Rockstar's sales projections for the game were "high".

"Red Dead Redemption [has started] to fly up the pre-order charts and the strong base we build with pre-orders will hopefully translate into a big launch for the title," he said.