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Portal 2 PS3 on the cards?

Puzzle sequel appears on front of PSM3 mag

Valve's head-spinning puzzle sequel, Portal 2 looks to be headed to PlayStation 3, if the latest issue of PSM3 magazine is anything to go by.

As you can see from the mag's latest cover, Portal 2 is set to appear in preview form, which - unless it's coming out as a Blu-ray film - would suggest a PS3 version is on the cards.

Valve officially announced the second game last month, but only Xbox 360 and PC platforms were mentioned.


The developer's long shunned the PlayStation 3, though recent comments that it's working to "get better" on the system suggest it might have changed its mind.

This could all be speculation on PSM3's part of course, but we'll certainly let you know if there's any sort of bombshell in its pages.