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Massive StarCraft II beta key giveaway! Day #2

We've got a hundred of 'em, would you like one?

StarCraft II is only the most eagerly anticipated RTS sequel of all time, and it must pain you to know that there are people playing it right now, chatting away on about how ridiculous you look as you sit there without a precious, precious beta key. Well fret no longer, because if you can answer a simple question (and have a modicum of luck - there's only a hundred of the things to dole out), we've got your beta key right here.

If you want to win, make sure you're a registered user on this here website (and that you're logged in), and then answer the question below. We'll then pluck 100 names from our digital cyberhat and punt your details over to Blizzard, who'll supply you with everything you need to start playing their brilliant strategy epic.

But don't be sad if you miss out. Oh no. If you don't get a beta key today, our friends over at PC Gamer will have 100 more on Monday. And then CVG will have 100 more on Tuesday. And we'll keep on going like that until the world ends or April 23rd, whichever happens first. If by then you haven't won a beta key, you are officially the unluckiest bastard alive.

Here's the question! Go go go.