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Crysis 2 gets sci-fi novelist

Richard Morgan will write the story for the sequel

EA's announced that award-winning author Richard Morgan is on board to write the story for Crysis 2.

Morgan, author of the science-fiction bestsellers 'Altered Carbon' and 'Broken Angels', said in a recent press release, "Video games are one of the only things in my life I would qualify as a complete addiction."

"The medium has every bit the potential for exciting and emotionally charged storytelling as literature and film, and I'm excited to explore this format on my first project in partnership with a world class developer like Crytek."

CEO and President of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, has similar praise for Morgan: "He has helped us take our ideas for Crysis 2 and transform them into a story that really engages the player in many new and exciting ways," he said.

"His passion for his craft and for games is a perfect match for our team and we can't wait for gamers to experience this collaboration."

Crysis 2 sees the aliens return to Earth with a full on invasion bent on destroying mankind. Players harness the combat technology of Nanosuit 2, and make the last stand to save humanity from destruction in New York City.

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