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God of War 3 was 'bigger at alpha stage'

Team had to make big cuts before game's release

God of War 3 was actually bigger during the alpha stages of production, director Stig Asmussen has revealed.

Speaking in an interview with Destructoid, Asmussen admitted that God of War III had to be substantially cut before release.

"It was around Alpha, and it was bigger," he said. "It was too big, and it wasn't as tight as it could possibly be. And we had to cut some things out, just to make sure that we got the quality across the board."

Included in the pieces left on the cutting room floor were extra areas and even complete boss levels.

"We had a creature named Argus who had a hundred eyes, and he was a creature that was designed to have use the Helios head to defeat him," said Asmussen. "You had to make him close his eyes, and he'd get blinded. You couldn't defeat him unless he's blind, and then he'd go into this kind of blind rage, and you had to fight him. He was fun. It was fun."

"[Argus] was going to be another surprise thing. You know how we had kind of secrets where you could use the Helios head to find them? We were going to have those secrets paced out so you find four or five of those, and you'd get a chest in each one.

"Then in one, we were going to have basically a reveal where you'd expect to see a chest there -- setting up expectations and then breaking it -- and out of the darkness this Argus would leap out, and you'd have to fight him."

If you haven't played this behemoth of a game yet, read our God of War 3 review to get an idea of just how massive it is. It's big.

[ SOURCE: Destructoid ]