Schools using GTA to 'prevent violence'

UK primary schools attempt to stop pupils from being "desensitised" to violence

Eight UK Primary schools are using images of Grand Theft Auto IV in a project designed to prevent children from becoming violent.

Eight schools in Merseyside with pupils aged between nine and 11 are being shown images from GTA, including one of protagonist Niko firing a gun through a car window.

The Guardian reports that the aim of the project is to stop children becoming "desensitised" to violent behaviour and teach them about its consequences in real life.

Children must categorise the pictures they are shown - which also include cards featuring images of knives and alcohol - as "good real life", "bad real life" and "not real". The idea is apparently to paint the message that what kids see on TV and in games isn't real.

The scheme, which is funded by the Home Office, will be expanded to Lancashire later this year.

Gaynor Bell, the chair of charity Support After Murder and Manslaughter (SAMM), reckons that showing kids the GTA images was important. "They're getting that much of it they're desensitised," she said.

"They think it's normal life. We're telling them this is not real, this does not go on and it should not go on."

[ SOURCE: The Guardian ]