Football Manager hits iPhone

Management sim goes mobile this week

Sports Interactive has announced Football Manager Handheld 2010 for iPhone - and it's being released in "the next 48 hours".

The iPhone version features over 20,000 players and allows wannabe gaffers to take charge of "any team from 34 leagues from nations including England, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Brazil and Australia," according to developer Sports Interactive.

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SI also promises a specific "user-friendly" skins and functionalities, and club logos for all licensed leagues. Plus, you can listen to your own music while your manage. What does Sam Allardyce strategise to, you reckon?

"We don't know exactly when it will be available in the apps store, although we've set a midnight local time release for tonight - it takes a while for all servers to propogate though, hence me saying it'll be live in the next 48 hours," explained SI boss, Miles Jacobson.

Look for a review on CVG shortly.