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Infinity Ward signings 'ironic', says EA

West/Zampella deal "a stunning opportunity for us," says EA partners boss

EA's signing of ex-Infinity Ward heads, Jason West and Vince Zampella is 'ironic', EA Partners boss, Frank Gibeau has said.

Speaking in an interview with LA Times, Gibeau references the fact that West and Zampella originally left studio 2015 - which was responsible for creating the Medal of Honor series for EA - to found Infinity Ward and join Activision. They've now come full circle.

"It has a certain irony to it," he said of West and Zampella's return to making games for his company. "But the fact that they were in this situation was a stunning opportunity for us."

Gibeau declined to discuss terms of the deal, but "a person familiar with the situation" told LA Times that EA has the rights to publish Respawn's first game, along with potential sequels and spinoffs.

Jason West said he was excited now "we can ensure that the fans are treated as well as they deserve."

[ SOURCE: LA Times ]