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Win! 100 StarCraft II Beta Keys! Day #4

Terran, Protoss and Zerg commanders required!

StarCraft II is the most eagerly awaited RTS of this or indeed any other year and we've teamed up with those lovely people at Blizzard to offer you a chance to win one of 100 beta keys and get a chance to play before anyone else in the beta.

The original StarCraft is quite simply the finest competitive RTS in the world (Korea has practically made a religion of playing it) and StarCraft II continues the epic conflict between Protoss, Terran and Zerg, in a fast paced, ultra violent RTS set across the far flung corners of the universe.

It's easy to win, just make sure you're a registered user then answer the simple SC II question below (if you don't know the answer you can probably find it in our extensive look at StarCraft II here)

We'll randomly select 100 gamers a day then pass your details onto Blizzard (this is a condition of entry) and before you know it, your inbox could be bulging with everything you need to get straight you straight into the Starcraft II action.

However don't worry if at first you don't succeed, because tomorrow our good friends over at PC Gamer will have 100 more, and the day after that our chums at PC Zone will be giving away another hundred.

In fact we'll be giving away 100 keys every day across all three sites every single weekday until April 23rd so persistence will undoubtedly be its own reward.!

Good luck and we'll see you online before crushing you with our epic Zergling swarms!