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PS3 hits five million in Japan

Console's bestselling games also revealed

PS3 sales have surpassed five million in Japan.

As of April 11, total sales stood at 5,001,598 units, according to figures from Famitsu publisher Enterbrain.

PS3 launched in the country almost three and a half years ago on November 11, 2006, but its bestselling games are all relatively recent releases.

Final Fantasy XIII tops the pile with 1,883,828 units sold, Metal Gear Solid 4 places second with 706,461 units, and March 2010 release Yakuza 4 third with 526,093 units.

Enterbrain said in early March that Japanese Wii sales stood at 10,009,736 units, compared to 1,235,049 Xbox 360 sales.

[ SOURCE: Andriassang ]