'Massive Cyclops' cut from God Of War 3

Game director gives more details of what was pruned from final release

God Of War III game director Stig Asmussen has revealed that Sony Santa Monica cut "the biggest cyclops you've ever seen" from the final release.

We reported yesterday that Sony Santa Monica were forced to remove a 'creature with a hundred eyes' called Argus - but he wasn't the only boss to get chopped.

Asmussen told Destructoid in a very interesting interview (so long as you don't mind spoilers):

"We had [Argus and] we had a massive cyclops. I don't know if you remember the door where you enter Hades' Palace; you burn the bramble that's in front of it, and you open the door there. We had a couple of cerberus there guarding the door. The original plan was, the first time you ran through Hades to get to that entrance, that's when the cerberus come down.

"The second time you come through, you just burn the bramble, and you would start to lift up the door, and [the cyclops'] hand was going to come underneath it and just whip it up. From the other side was going to be this huge cyclops, like twice as big as any cyclops you've ever seen before.

"We had a branching mini-game on him and everything. It was really cool, but him and Argus, to get them to completion would have meant that other things would have suffered, and they still had a way to go."

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[ SOURCE: Destructoid ]