EA's Syndicate confirmed (again)

Triple Copyright Office listings appear for remake

In case you didn't believe it, another confirmation of Riddick dev, Starbreeze's Syndicate remake has been discovered this morning. Make that three confirmations

Superannuation spotted the trio of filings at the United States Copyright Office (which doesn't allow for direct linking to searches) all listing 'Syndicate' as a Starbreeze title.

The game's been strongly rumoured for what seems like forever, and last month the developer confirmed that it had canned it's other project, based on Jason Bourne, to focus on its big baby.

CVG was of course among the first to out the remake, as we exclusively reported back in 2008 that the Bullfrog original was indeed getting a current-gen makeover.

Now, just announce the bloody game, EA.

[ SOURCE: Superannuation ]