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DC Universe has 'a lot of work ahead of it'

Sony reveals that fans still have a long wait for PS3 MMO

Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that PS3 MMO DC Universe Online is on course for an end-of-2010 release - but that its developers "still have a lot of work ahead of them".

The title - which pulls together myriad heroes from the DC world - was first announced back in 2008.

Originally due for release early this year, the game's undergone a long gestation.

PS3 owners are also still waiting on fellow SOE MMOs The Agency and Free Realms.

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"We still have a lot of work ahead of us," DC Universe Online's senior producer told Official PlayStation Magazine.

"The good feeling is that we can look behind us and see the mountain of work we've done, and the stuff we have ahead of us is definitely smaller.

"We're really happy with the progress. But as far as dates go, we want to focus on one milestone at a time."

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