StarCraft II beta key giveaway thunders onwards Day#5

Scientists claim our beta key giveaway "defies second law of thermodynamics", "dicks on entropy"

It's day five of our monumental StarCraft II beta key giveaway, and by now you must surely know the drill. Answer our question. Fire your entry into the digital tombola, which will excitedly spin itself into a dizzying mess of randomising loveliness before spitting out the names of one hundred winners. We tell Blizzard to fling a beta key your way, we post the winners on our blog, and everybody has a great time. Click onwards for the question.

Oh, and we do ask that if you've already won a beta key from us, that you refrain from entering again. Let somebody else have a chance, eh? What would your mother say if she knew you were trying to win two or more beta keys when some poor souls don't even have one. She'd be very disappointed.

Don't disappoint your mother. And good luck.