Halo 2 has final messages for fans

Title Update 4, Halo 3 remakes, Grenade Party and jetpacks...

Bungie has filled Halo 2's multiplayer with final goodbye messages to fans.

The 'Did You Know?' blurb while waiting for multiplayer matches now shows off goodbye messages from Bungie before Microsoft switches off the original Xbox servers tonight.

They range from simple thank you messages ("Thanks for playing. Seriously? More than five years after launch? You're awesome.") to fake news announcements ("Title Update 4 adds Theater support, screenshots and Forge to Halo 2! Coming: NEVER.")

It's a nice touch for fans who have returned to Halo 2 for one last time before Microsoft draws the curtains on one of the most successful console FPS games to date. If you want to see them for yourself, you better get a move on...