Infinity Ward bailout watch: Two more leave

Lead animators join list of Modern Warfare dev exits

In what's becoming an almost daily occurrence, two more senior Infinity Ward employees have left the company, following the West/Zampella sacking saga.

Long-time Infinity Ward staffers Mark Grigsby and Paul Messerly - lead animator and lead character animator, respectively - have now left the studio, according to their LinkedIn profiles.

Grigsby had been with Infinity Ward from 2005, while Messerly was there from the very beginning, moving from former Medal of Honor developer 2015.

The pair join the ever growing list of names on the Infinity Ward exit door following the West/Zampella incident, which includes veteran programmer Jon Shirin, lead designer, Todd Alderman and lead software engineer, Francesco Gigliotti, Lead designers Zied Reike and Steve Fukuda, programmer Rayme Vinson and lead artist Chris Cherubini.

It's unknown whether any of these departed Infinity Ward employees will be joining West and Zampella's new EA-backed studio, Respawn.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]