Final Fantasy to go episodic?

Square's games to become bite-sized "in three years"

Square Enix has revealed that its major franchises are likely to start being released episodically within the next three years.

The firm, which develops and publishes the Final Fantasy series - and owns publisher Eidos - recently released UK No.1 Just Cause 2 and is gearing up for the release of Nier later this month.

"Will we see our games split into episodes? It's not something that we are particularly planning, but I've no doubt that we will be over the next three years," Square Enix CEO Phil Rogers told industry site Develop.

When asked how the firm viewed DLC in general, he said:

"Digital is now a massive part of our focus. How we offer content to consumers via digital download is very important to us, and premium downloadable content is an absolute must for the titles that we launch."

[ SOURCE: Develop ]