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Core BioShock 2 team NOT making XCom

Other half of 2K Marin working on reboot, says publisher

The just-announced XCom reboot is NOT being developed by core BioShock 2 developer, 2K Marine, but rather it's new Australian division.

A 2K representative confirmed this morning that 2K Marin and the studio formerly known as 2K Australia are now "sister studios", meaning that while yesterday's announcement that the game is being developed by 2K Marin is technically true, it's also a bit misleading.

While the "Canberra, Australia arm of 2K Marin" contributed to the development of BioShock 2, the core creative team was housed in Marin itself.

2K declined comment on the reason for the Australia name change, saying only that "we'll be talking about XCOM, the team and everything else in the near future."