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Insomniac: Infinity Ward sackings are 'horrifying'

Resistance developer says being "wholly independent" is best

Resistance: Fall Of Man developer Insomniac has labelled the treatment of Infinity Ward's Jason West and Vince Zampella by Activision "horrifying".

Lead multiplayer designer Jake Biegel said the saga - which began when Activision fired West and Zampella and has seen ten per cent of staff leave IW - "reiterates how good it is to be working at a wholly independent developer.

"I have some friends at Infinity Ward and I can't tell you how happy I was to be at Insomniac when I heard that news [of West and Zampella's sacking]," Biegel told CVG sister mag PSM3.

"I was totally horrified for my friends and called every one of them asking what the hell was going on. It reiterated to me how good it is to be working at a wholly independent developer where we call the shots."

Zampella and West are now suing Activision for wrongful dismissal.

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