CVG: The week's best comments

It's all about your funny funny words

There was a point where we were getting really worried about the comments piece this week. It wasn't your fault; it was just that there hadn't been any stories that provided any real opportunity for a good zinger.

Then, thank the sweet Lord, a woman in Manchester fell off her Wii Fit board and suffered a horn inducing blunt force trauma. From that moment on we felt a bit more confident.

Here are your funnies. Feel free to add more in the comments section below.

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how about:

Warning! May want to start teabagging you...
lashed comes up with a t-shirt that should only be worn around the house.

"A hand on life's joystick."

I know this isn't a competition but that's my answer.
MPH enters a competition that he knows doesn't exist.

How about


Ladies shirts of course...
Buccaneer1979 - Ha! 'cause it sounds like boobs... *Snigger* boobs.

'Porn virus' attacks games pirates

well i'm f**ked......i joke.
We get the feeling beeb_2k7 isn't joking

Muuust....post...stupid...innuendo...comment...urrrghh..... Japanese like it in-thier-endo, hur hur huuur.... i feel all dirty
mogel94 put a lot of effort in and got little back in return.

Sex addict blames Wii Fit

She is the stupidest person on the planet, the kind of person who makes me think the world will fail from stupidity, and should be shot.
Frogster8 takes an extreme stance on stupidity.

bipod approaches the issue in a much more primitive way.

Bet she's happy the Wii Remote has a vibration function.
It had to be said and cian84 took one for the team.

*pushes girlfriend off Wii-fit board and drops trousers*
Mark240473 is a man of action. Poorly thought out action.

I just did a sex wii...
Are you proud of yourself hairyearlobe?

Gran Turismo 5 will be 'totally different' to Prologue

Totally different? So, it'll be a turn based strategy game?
KesMonkey will regret this quip if it turns out to be true.

I reckon Kaz thinks we're mushrooms.

Just feeding us s**t and keeping us in the dark.
Edgy analogies from Jimmy Luxury. He's like a 1980s action hero.
Original Xbox Live refuses to die

OMG what if the servers have become self aware!? APOCALYPSE!!!
Mental can be reassured that the threat to Earth has now been fully neutralised.

Xbox Live has become self aware!

Everybody, run for the hills!

Cover your testicles!

Run for the hills covering your testicles!
ffcoppolla thinks the robots will see our ability to reproduce as the main threat.

The Terminator:

'The Xbox Live Funding Bill is passed.'

'The system goes on-line November 15, 2002.'

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