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Super Street Fighter IV Challenge!

Take on CVG and earn your shot at fame and fortune...

Super Street Fighter IV is released on April 30th. If you know your Ryu from your Rufus, you'd already know this date off by heart.

But it's important for another reason! April 30th is also when we'll be hosting the OXM Super Street Fighter IV Challenge.

All you have to do is drop your gamertag below and make sure you have a copy of the game (obviously) to take on OXM. You might remember we had a similar challenge in the magazine for Street Fighter IV's release, where OXM's Zangief came away unbeaten. This time, we'll be using Dan for the entire tournament, so if you still can't win... well, don't blame us! All replays will be saved and the best matches will be on for all to see.

The OXM Super Street Fighter IV Challenge will take place on launch day, April 30th from 6.30pm - 8.30pm though we'll be around for most of the night if you fancy a friendly challenge.

So drop your gamertag below and we'll get in touch with all the entrants the night before the challenge takes place with the full details. Good luck!