Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure XBLA games leaked

Screenshots of unnannounce Xbox Live Arcade games outed

Screenshots of what's claimed to be XBLA versions of Dreamcast smashers Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure have been leaked.

These are just two of a list of games reported to be headed to the 360's game download service with Doom 2, Metal Slug XX and Quake Arena (which looks like yet another Quake 3 Arena re-release) also rumoured.

Screenshots on the Digiex forum (through the link below) show the boot screen for a debug Xbox 360 listing said games as bootable titles, and in-game shots of the rezzed up versions running one Microsoft's powerhouse.

We hope they're real - another blast on Sonic Adventure might actually get us off our still ongoing addition to Trials HD.

[ SOURCE: Digiex ]