StarCraft II gets Adults-Only rating in Korea

Blizzard considering appeal

Blizzard's much-anticipated RTS, Starcraft II, has been slapped with an Adults Only rating in Korea - where the franchise is particularly popular.

The rating will have come as a surprise to Blizzard, considering the same Korean Games Rating Board stamped earlier versions of the game submitted last year with a '15' rating. The board now seems to have taken a stricter view on the title, condemning the game's level of violence, foul language and depiction of drug use, according to The Korea Times (via Kotaku).

Blizzard has 30 days to appeal the ruling, although a rep has said the publishing giant is undecided on the action it'll take. "We have nothing to say at this point. We are discussing our official position on the matter as well as what would be the right reaction," they said.

The Starcraft II beta is currently running. The full game will be released in US in both a standard edition and a limited-release Collector's Edition packed with exclusive bonus materials, for $59.99 and $99.99 respectively. No UK details have been confirmed.

[ SOURCE: The Korea Times ]