Kids becoming 'hooked' on games, says Sunday Times

Newspaper's magazine says 'screenagers' are suffering addiction

The Sunday Times has claimed that teenagers are becoming 'hooked' on video games in a controversial cover story.

The newspaper's Magazine was yesterday adorned by a picture of a 14-year-old gamer playing GTA IV. Across the image, the publication printed:

'GAME BOY... Ben, 14, is playing Grand Theft Auto IV. What is online addiction doing to kids?'

The full, four-page piece confusingly combines more pics of minors playing violent console games, and an article on teenagers that suffer 'addiction' to MMORPGs.

Carrying the headline, 'Logged on and switched off', it claims that 'a generation of screenagers are becoming hooked on a virtual world'.

'Kids start by watching CBeebies,' it adds; 'a few years later, they're playing Call Of Duty'.

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[ SOURCE: The Sunday Times ]